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Rhonda McQuay, Legal Assistant
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About R. John Lee 
R. John Lee received his bachelors from ASU and then graduated with his Doctorate in Jurisprudence from Pepperdine University in 1981. He has been practicing in St. Johns since 1982. Growing up in St. Johns it was obvious he would come back home to share his legal knowledge and practice within the local communities he loves.  John Lee has previously served 4 years as an elected Supervisor for the Apache County Board, where he was able to implement impactful benefits for local residents. 

MEET YOU STAFF! R. John Lee Attorney At Law is privately-owned and operated right here in Saint Johns, AZ. Other law practices may offer similar services, but we believe our services are the best inside the court room and out.  You'll never find an office like ours, we cater to your specific needs as client. 
With over 16 years experience working for John Lee, Rhonda exceeds expectations when it comes to customer service, her extensive experience and knowledge of legal procedure. You can rest at ease knowing Rhonda is always there for you.
Breanna has worked for R. John Lee since 2007, and was a 2 term Constable for Apache County. Her legal experience and knowledge continues to make for an invaluable assistant.
Committed to helping our clients achieve the best legal representation.
R. John Lee, Esq.
Breanna Lee, Legal Assistant
Has practiced law for over 35 years in the State of Arizona.  If your looking for an aggressive defender of your constitutional rights or assertive legal representation, experience matters.